AMEN House of Oak Orchard

                                                                                            Our Program Goals


 Enable those that are recovering addicts, homeless and/or have been incarcerated being released as “Returning Citizens”, to be able to acquire what is needed spiritually, medically, monetarily, physically, emotionally and educationally in order to become an asset versus a liability to their families, local communities, resident’s communities, the correctional system, financial systems and to themselves. 

 Aid in lowering the homeless and recidivism rates by being able to establish a minimal rate of those that return to homelessness and/or prison in the first three years after having successfully completed the AMEN program, thereby being able to aid in the reduction of the burden of homelessness and/or recidivism that plagues our families, the correctional system and our communities as a whole.

                                                                                   AMEN  House Basic Description

AMEN House is a men's Christian based, structured transitional program for those with addictions, our homeless population and our “Returning Citizens” which will aid in removing the barriers that faces them being homeless when leaving prison.  These barriers can include immediate means of housing, personal needs, physical needs, emotional and spiritual needs. We prefer to address all of those entering AMEN House as “Residents” and those released from prison as “Returning Citizens” instead of ex-offenders, ex-cons or former prisoners to aid in the healing process of having a past behind the fences and bars of our prisons. 

We consider individuals of all faiths for residency even though we have instilled Christian principles within the program that are agreed to be followed. We come together as strangers....but before long we are part of the AMEN "Family!"

Click on the link below to view and/or print the AMEN House application to be considered for residency.

                                   AMEN House General Description and Application for Consideration of Residency